Sparknews contacted my artistic collective to create an anthem for their Impact Journalism Day, a day to celebrate local solutions tackling key challenges faced by our world today.

We had only 10 day to do every single aspect of this craft. So with a schedule announcing a large need for coffee we put ourselves to work.
This experience was definitely the most challenging project I've done to date. Taking all the video roles, from script, directing, photography, editing to colour, scout and manager.

This is the result of it :   

All of this was made in collaboration with : 
YUOS - Polish singer, lyricist, 
Maïa Barouh - French-Japanese singer, flutist, musical director, composer, lyricist, 
Haytham Al-sayyed - Syrian rapper, lyricist, 
Mandaakhai Daansuren - Mongolian overtone singer, Morin Khuur player, 
Oxy Jinn - French beat-boxer and slam poet, musical director trombone, lyricist, 
Omar Shaghaf Yaghi - Syrian lyrical singer, violinist, lyricist, 
Teimpo - French-Spanish poet, guitarist, composer and sound editor,
Abel Diarra - French composer, sound editor, 
Special shoutout to : Denis Goltser!
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